November 22nd, 2005

Mindy's head shot

I will reach the 20,000 mark today!

That's it - I put it in writing - no more distractions! For some reason, writing my second novel has slowed down - and I decided that I will pick up the pace while I still can. Today is my last full day to write. I often exercise while my daughters are in school, which makes me lose about an hour and a half of writing (but helps keep my sanity!) Today I am home. I will not answer the phone (but still have to screen it in case a school calls. I'll make an exception for an editor or agent also (hint, hint, if any of you are reading this). My five year old is off from school the rest of the week and my seven year old has one more day of school.

I can already see how hectic this time of year is getting - so I'm going to make sure I know my goals and don't let anything prevent me from making them.

Today's goals:

1. I will reach the 20,000 word count for my WIP today. I'm at an exciting part of my novel (part of my original vision for the book, but it took me over 60 pages to get there), so I'm guessing that reaching 20,000 words today shouldn't be too difficult. I'll let you know how I do! Okay, guess the pressure is on making my goal public - but I find that giving myself deadlines helps motivate me.

2. I will revise the last 20 pages of my first novel - again! I only have a partial of my first novel at one agent, and have not submitted it to an editor yet. It has been through so many revisions, I had to keep buying bigger storage boxes! I want to double check to make sure the writing is as tight as possible - hoping it will see the light of day in the near future!

3. I will stop driving myself crazy checking for e-mail all day. I have an envelope that pops up at the bottom of my screen, but that doesn't stop me. If it seems unusually quiet - I double check my e-mail to make sure. Every once in a while a message sneaks through without me being notified, but it's rare. I've had an overwhelming feeling that something is about to happen. Hopefully something wonderful. It can be distracting at times, but I refuse to let it take me away from my work.

Okay, I'm off to drive my five year old to school, and then it's work, work, work!

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