December 3rd, 2005

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6 critiques in January

Here's what I'm submitting for the 6 paid critiques at the Miami Conference in January.

2. IN MY HEART (MG novel)
3. I WANT TO GO HOME (Chapter book/MG)
4. STEP MONSTER (Chapter book)
5. DIARY OF A KINDERGARTNER (Chapter book series - ideas for future books are in a notebook, but no others are written yet).

I have several other manuscripts I'd love critiqued, but don't have any room left. Maybe next conference.

All are printed out except two. MY SPECIAL FRIEND which was recently revised after running it through my critique group again. I want to read it over one more time before printing it.

I also completely revised the beginning of DIARY OF A KINDERGARTNER. Before the most recent critique, I couldn't figure out why I loved the series idea more than the manuscript itself. The beginning needed a bigger hook and more conflict up front. I hope I accomplished that! I also decided that my MC needed a little more spunk. I also ended up completely cutting one chapter and putting the other aside for book number two or three. It's getting a little easier to cut paragraphs - especially if I move them into another file instead of destroying them forever.

When you get paid critiques, is it often the first time the manuscript has been critiqued? That's how I started, but now I'm trying to use them to put the final polish on my manuscripts. I'm so excited - I can't wait until January! Hopefully I'll be much further along on my WIP. I've been so busy revising that I haven't been able to work on DO ONTO OTHERS in a few days. I miss it - and hope I can give it the attention it deserves soon.
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