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December 9th, 2005

I received a rejection from an agent. I let my hopes float up so high...it's a long way down. Some rejections definitely hurt more than others. Now I have only one agent query out. Not sure if I'll send more or concentrate on editors. I do have nine different manuscripts circulating now (plus the first three chapters of my MG novel at one agent), and I believe I will have another PB and chapter book ready to send out fairly soon.

When something like this happens, I remember what a non writer friend said to me, "I give you so much credit for spending more time than most people do for a 9 - 5 job writing manuscripts you're not sure will ever be published." I never really thought about it that way before. I just knew that if I didn't consider writing my career, it never would be. Well, after I got the rejection, I sat down and thought about what my friend had said. I even considered taking the day off from writing. But that won't get me where I want to be.

I'm disappointed and feeling down - but I won't give in to those feelings of failure. Besides, I couldn't give up writing if I tried. It's a part of me. So, I'm off to work on my manuscripts.

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I write humorous middle-grade novels with heart and quirky picture books.

I'm an Administrator on the SCBWI Blueboard, the FL SCBWI Newsletter Editor and Critique Group Coordinator, and a proud member of From The Mixed Up Files...of Middle-Grade Authors

I've been married for twenty years and have two beautiful daughters, an adventurous Bullmasador adopted from The Humane Society, and an adorable Beagle/Pointer mix pup who was rescued from the Everglades.

I've been published in Highlights three times and placed in the 80th Writer's Digest Competition.


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