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January 22nd, 2008


I was at the Miami Conference over the weekend. Wow, what an incredible few days! No wonder I'm a conference addict. :) The speakers were amazing, and I love coming home with new ideas and information. I feel so lucky to be part of such a strong and supportive writing community.

I borrowed the word blurker from an incredibly sweet, friendly editor I met. She had mentioned she sometimes checks out blogs, and had read mine. I know my LJ friends read it, but I often forget that anyone can (which is exciting and scary at the same time!) So think twice before you write...especially specific submission info, or anything during the acquisitions process. You never know when someone is blurking!

I had felt so guilty missing my daughter's 10th birthday. It was on the one full day I was away for the conference. I called several times, and surprised her with signed books. She was so excited when I gave her a birthday card signed by some of her favorite authors and illustrators. And I've lost count of the number of celebrations she had, with Hubby while I was away, plus before and after the conference.

Here's a review I sent to HarperCollins for a great new book:

PROM KINGS AND DRAMA QUEENS is a humorous novel from Dorian Cirrone, author of DANCING IN RED SHOES WILL KILL YOU. After seeing the headline “Emily Rocks South Florida” during a hurricane, Emily Bennet decides to take the world by storm. She quickly discovers that it’s a nearly impossible task when living inside a snow globe, and that it’s not okay to just report the news for the school paper…she has to go one step further. A step that could cost way more than she’s willing to give. PROM KINGS AND DRAMA QUEENS is a fast-paced journey through Emily’s unforgettable junior year—filled with handcuffs, hormones and headlines.

Wow, this is definitely the longest I've been away from LJ, and I've missed all of you so much! I'll try to catch up on your news over the next few days.
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