June 26th, 2008

Mindy's head shot

15th Anniversary

I can't believe I got married fifteen years ago! It was a slightly rainy day (kind of like it is now), and Hubby and I had our first dance to: Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart. My life has changed so much since that day. I have two beautiful daughters and a husband who actually encouraged me to attend my first SCBWI conference in 2005. So I guess I can blame him for my conference addiction--because I absolutely love attending them...it's great to learn more about writing and have professional critiques--and it's incredible to be in a room full of others who love writing and reading children's books as much as I do.

When I was in Orlando for the workshop, Hubby gave me my gift early--annual tickets to Disney. My girls had so much fun in the water park that weekend, they want me to go with them next time. It probably doesn't sound like the most romantic gift...but I love rides. And spending time with my family. Plus, we found a fantastic babysitter in the Orlando area, so maybe Hubby and I can have an occasional night full of roller coasters (my ten year old doesn't like them at all, and my seven year old loves them, but still doesn't do the super scary ones). Me--I'll dangle upside down, go backwards, etc.

I gave myself a present today by sending new hope out. I love that feeling! I've received some great praise about the voice, humor, hook, etc. of Adventures of Bra Girl, and am really hopeful that it will do well.

For the first time, I'm not diving straight into a new novel. I've dedicated so much time to my MG since I wrote it during NaNo, that I have some novels I'd like to revamp (because my writing has improved since I worked on them last), and also some picture books that are almost ready to go, plus others in various stages of revision. But...I have a new novel idea brewing. I can't seem to stop the ideas from flashing through my mind, so I've been jotting them down. I'm not sure how long this novel will let me work on other projects.

I recently attended a signing for Marjetta Geerling's fantastic debut YA, Fancy White Trash.

And here is a photo of my amazingly generous and talented mentor, Joyce Sweeney, with Rebecca.

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