October 7th, 2008

Mindy's head shot

25 days until NaNoWriMo!

Wow, I can't believe NaNoWriMo begins in 25 days! How many of you are going to take the NaNo plunge this year? If you're on the fence...stop thinking about it and sign up! It's amazing to let your ideas flow onto your computer so quickly that your internal editor doesn't have time to interfere with your creativity. And if you haven't thought about trying NaNo, check it out! http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/hownanoworks

This will be my third NaNo. In 2006, I thought I had too many revisions to do to start a new novel. On November 7, I was thinking about the synopsis for my first middle grade novel and a manuscript idea hit with such force, I ran to my computer and started typing. It was amazing to watch that spark morph into a manuscript in less than a month. In 2007, I wrote my MG, Adventures of Bra Girl in 17 days. I believe it is my strongest novel yet--and it has the biggest hook. I can't wait to tackle my new MG on November first! I've had the main plot idea for a few years, and am at the stage where ideas keep popping into my head throughout the day. I have a few characters I want to explore more before I dig into the manuscript, but I'm really excited to start.

I'm trying to polish up as many manuscripts as possible now, so I can focus on my NaNo MG in November. Yesterday, I finished revising an MG, and I'm about to work on another MG revision after this post. I also completed several PB revisions. I feel like I've had a huge writing breakthrough lately, and love the way my manuscripts are coming out!
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