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I put some hope into the mail today

Thanks again to all my LJ friends for your friendship and support! I'd like to start contacting agents again, but plan to wait until I can perfect a query letter - they never seem to come out just right. Part of me wants to hold off until I receive a contract offer or a manuscript goes into acquisitions - or possibly until I receive a revision request or two. I've received personals, but no revision requests yet. I have to admit that I'm torn - I've been doing everything possible to get my writing career going, and it can be frustrating sometimes. At least I feel like I'm constantly moving forward, sometime slowly, other times in leaps and bounds. I know I'll get there - it's just a question of when.

I just dropped submissions for my newly polished picture book manuscript PLEASE DON'T EAT MY GUINEA PIG in the mail. I love the feeling of hope with each additional manuscript that makes it into circulation. Thank you to my wonderful critique groups for helping me get my manuscript ready - and a few special friends who assisted me with my cover letter. You're the best :-)

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