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Calling all PB writers...one of my amazing online critique groups has some openings!

I love my critique groups--they're all amazing, and really have helped me grow as a writer!  I've been a proud member of The Prose Shop since 2008, when I saw a post on the Blueboards saying they had a couple of openings.  We're a supportive community of published and unpublished writers who write picture books as well as magazine stories. We're dedicated to helping each other improve our techniques and become more confident and capable writers.  We discuss and share information, and do our best to help our members make their manuscripts sparkle as much as possible.   

The Prose Shop started in 2005, and is organized via a private message board, so we can view all critiques and really work as a team.  We critique at least one story for each story we post...but the more critiques you give, the more you usually receive.  We ask each member to do at least one critique every 30 days.  And to keep the group active and encourage members to write, we ask everyone to post a story at least every three months (which could be a new manuscript or a revision of one that you've already run through The Prose Shop).   

We are looking for writers who demonstrate a long-term commitment to writing. We'd love to see applicants who have several picture book manuscripts and/or magazine stories available for critique.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email TheProseShop@comcast.net and we'll send you an application.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, or send me an e-mail or Facebook message.  I hope some of my Facebook, LJ, and Blueboard friends will be part of our Prose Shop family soon!
Time to dive back into my MG novel!  I'm close to nailing the beginning, but had to take a break because all the picture book breakthroughs have been so exciting.  I think it also helped give me some time to think about the best place to start and let my ideas simmer for a bit.  And in the meantime, I've revised 7 picture books since the Orlando Workshop and Picture Book Intensive.  Wahoo!  One is fully polished, about four of them are in great shape and I'm sending them through my groups again to see if I can polish them up any more (one had a major overhaul and even though the story is much different now, I really love it).  I also have two that had some major changes and will take a while before they're ready.  I'm so thrilled they took a giant leap forward, and can't wait to see what happens in my next few rounds of revisions!
I have more picture books screaming for attention.  Some I wrote during this past NaPiBoWriWee and after revising them a bit, I pushed them aside to work on my MG and picture books that were closer to being ready.  I definitely need to make time for them soon...along with some older picture books that are screaming for my attention.  I can't wait to see what the character interview questions will reveal for them!
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