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I'm making huge progress this month!

I ended up having to revise a middle-grade novel, so I wasn't able to take the NaNoWriMo plunge like I have every year since 2006.  Sniff, sniff.  On the bright side, my family is relieved that I'm not shackled to my writing cave!

Even though I'm not writing a new novel, I'm making TONS of progress this month!  So far, I've...
* Revised one MG.  After not working on it for months, it's amazing how many tweaks popped out at me, plus I had some great feedback to work in that helped me raise it up a level or two...wahoo!
*Revised or polished 9 picture books--five of them are ready to go, two are almost ready, and I think I finally figured out how to fix an older picture book with a huge concept that never quite worked.  The last one is from NaPiBoWriWee, and is about to be critiqued by one of my online groups for the second time.  I can't wait to hear what they say...I think it's shaping up really well.  
*Came up with 24 ideas for PiBoIdMo, and filled my possible idea file (which could be a title, a simple line or two, etc.) with 20 new ideas.  Many times, I've ended up developing some of those random thoughts into full ideas that I've moved up to the main file.  I love when that happens!   It definitely shows that I should always jot down even the smallest grain of an idea--I never know where it might lead. 

What's next on my list?  I'm going to revise an older middle-grade novel that had received a couple revision requests from agents.  I really love that one, and think that I can make it shine even brighter now that I can dig into it with fresh eyes.  And when that's done, I'll dive back into the rewrite of my WIP.  

I also plan to revise more picture books that are in various stages, add to my PiBoIdMo list and flesh the ideas out as much as possible.

Speaking of ideas...I recently wrote a post on the Mixed-Up Files site that talks about where to find great ideas.  It truly is amazing how many you're able to see once you actively start looking for them.  I also shared how I came up with ideas for several of my middle-grade novels.  Since my daughter just walked into my office, I'll share one that she inspired (hop on over to the Mixed-Up site if you want to see the others).  The nugget for a humorous MG came to me when I was shopping with my daughter, and she freaked out that someone might see her in the bra aisle.  It’s amazing how that one moment sparked an entire novel…which includes a bra-tastrophe scene that I absolutely love.

How do you come up with ideas for your manuscripts? 
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